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Princess 'Misery' Jacklin n Quitar - The Promise by Kala-IT-Screenshots Princess 'Misery' Jacklin n Quitar - The Promise by Kala-IT-Screenshots
So the plot makes more sense I suggest you read this first: [link]
As the two ponies were walking towards Cloudsdale the younger one tried to boost the conversation.
"Uhm.. Princess Misery?" She began slowly, "W-where are you from?" The Alicorn only kept walking; she had to get out of Canterlot before she could get to Cloudsdale. Once they were outside the border of Canterlot, Jacklin toke flight. Guitar was slow but followed. "You better keep up, kid." Jacklin said to the young pegasus. As they went up their wings shattered a scatter of clouds, revealing the town of Cloudsdale.
"Now. About you job. Do you know the 'Elements of Harmony' and who they are. Or even better, can you find me a book of it?" She asked looking back at the filly.
"Elements of Harmony? I have heard of their heroic acts--"
"Yeah, yeah. Just tell me. What are their names?"
"I do not know. I only know that it is lead by the Element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle."
At that, Jacklin chuckled.
"Oh. Yes, that pony. Your task, tomorrow, is to come with me back to Canterlot. You will become friends with the so called 'Elements of Harmony'. When you are doing that I will find the Elements in which give them their source of power.. What makes them the Elements of Harmony.. And I will shatter them into a thousand pieces, and hide those pieces in the center of the planet if I must. Make yourself trustworthy and firm with them, then when the time is right you will lead them towards the Badlands. I will lead you each step of the way. However, I must not show myself to the Elements. There, in the badlands, we will crush the remains of the Elements of Harmony.. The ponies."
Quitar let out a gasp, "W-what? Why?"
"Do you want the job? All you are doing is backstabbing them. I am doing all the work."
"Y-yeah sure.." The pony didn't have a great expression but she tried to smile slowly. Princess 'Misery' Jacklin made a fake smile, matching hers, only to insure trust. Basically, she was only using this pony. She sat down and as did Quitar.
"Do you promise, as Celestia as your whitness, you will always stay loyal to me and not fall for the Element's Magic; and most importantly not to give away our plans?" She put her hoof up, and Quitar did the same.
"I promise, Princess Misery.."
Then they clapst their hoofs together, a show of promise.

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